LoopBall Bluetooth Connected Sports Ball (video)

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LoopBall Bluetooth Connected Sports Ball (video)

LoopBall Bluetooth Connected Sports Ball

Loop based in Paris, France has created a new Bluetooth connected sports ball aptly named the LoopBall, which comes complete with a companion application that can be loaded onto your smartphone to provide a wide variety of different in flight metrics.

If you have trouble keeping score or just like to monitor, counts, distance, speed, calories and more, the LoopBall might be worth more investigation. Check out the demonstration video below to learn more.

LoopBall is the first Bluetooth connected ball that transforms beach ball game into a funnier, broader and more attractive playing experience. Finally, technology gives this game the innovation it lacked ! LoopBall has been developed with players in mind : it is an unobtrusive device that helps them collect and save importants metrics of their games directly from the ball while they play.

LoopBall is a ball with a brain, that relieve yours ! Compute complex tasks is a piece of cake for LoopBall, it is able to :
• Count the number of rallies of the players.
• Just like Chuck Norris the LoopBall can count to infinity… twice 😉
• Compute the distance between players to rank games.
• Leave your measuring tape at home !
• Keep track of the speed of the strokes and record average and maximum values for each round, for lightning fast games !
• Compute the calories burnt during games :
• ideal for a perfect #beachbody
• Help you find your LoopBall with the “Bluetooth proximity” feature :
• no more lost ball anymore !

LoopBall is available to back via Kickstarter with pledges starting from €45 and shipping expected to take place during February 2018. The companion application supports both Android and iOS devices and will be free to download.

Source: Kickstarter

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