DUO Travel Easy-to-Program 8-bit, Portable Dev Board (video)

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DUO Travel Easy-to-Program 8-bit, Portable Dev Board (video)

DUO Travel Easy-to-Program 8-bit

Hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts that would like a pocket device they can programme while out and about. May be interested in the new DUO travel hardware which has been created by Jack Eisenmann.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the DUO travel which offers an affordable 8-bit easy to program development board powered by a 9 V battery.

DUO Travel

The DUO Travel features a 16 by 2 character LCD, a 14 button keypad, an ATMega328, and 32 KB of EEPROM for program storage. The ATMega328 contains 32 KB of flash for firmware storage and 2 KB of SRAM. The DUO Travel is powered by a standard 9-volt battery. When powered on, the DUO Travel draws 15 mA, and has an estimated battery life of 36 hours.

The default firmware installed on the DUO Travel is DUO Travel OS. This firmware lets you write programs in a proprietary language called DUO Travel Code. This language is designed to be robust and easy-to-use.
DUO Travel Code features include:
• Multi-character variable names
• Arithmetic operators with order of operations
• Floating point numbers, mutable strings, and lists with dynamic length
• Custom function declaration
• Global and local scope
• Math functions and file manipulation functions

For more specifications on the DUO Travel jump over to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website where pledges are available from just $10 for an unpopulated circuit board without the case.

Source: Kickstarter

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