Smart Buckle Transforms Any Watch Into A Smart Watch (video)

Smart Buckle Transforms Any Watch Into A Smart Watch (video)

Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle is a new gadget designed by a development team based in San Francisco, and can transform any standard watch into a smartwatch in just a few seconds.

Simply replace your standard watch buckle with the Smart Buckle and enjoy smart connectivity including activity tracking, sleep patterns and more. Watch the demonstration video below to learn how easily the Smart Buckle can be attached to almost any watch.

The development team behind the Smart Buckle which is available from $39 explain more about its features.

We engineered Smart Buckle with features to maintain the integrity of your classic timepieces while adding modern day wearable technology:
• Activity Tracker – 3-Axis gyro, angular velocity, and motion sensors calculate steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns.
• Smartphone App – Monitor your daily, weekly, monthly activity, and sleep data with the iOS or Android App.
• Quality Materials – Designed with high grade stainless steel finish to match and ensure the integrity of your traditional watch.
• Affordable – Starting at $39, Smart Buckle is the most affordable and feature loaded wearable activity tracker on the market.
• Shipping Time – Committed to our backers and will ship to you within 45 days of the Kickstarter campaign end.

Replace your watch’s current clasp with Smart Buckle to upgrade any watch with the latest wearable activity tracker & smartwatch tech.

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