Poets One Analog Guitar Preamp (video)

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Poets One Analog Guitar Preamp (video)

Poets One Analog Guitar Preamp

Mathias Poets and Alex Poets have reimagined the analogue guitar pre-amp and have created the aptly named poets One. Which is taken to Kickstarter this week to raise the €20,000 the team require to go into production.

The poets One has been designed to provide users with a true analog multi-channel guitar preamp with tube-sounding distortion controlled companion application which is loaded onto your smartphone.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the poets One and its inspiration.

The poets One is a multi-channel guitar preamp performing all the great rock distortion tones from brightly flared crunch to brutally dark high gain. It emulates classic and modern tube amps with true analog sound circuitry in order to avoid the monotony of digital amp modeling. Use it anywhere with all the convenience possible – standalone or controlled with your smartphone.

The poets One has four channels, each representing a different gain stage with its own unique voice. It offers you a very bold soundscape with a variety of distinctive amp tones, seamlessly transitioning from blues to classic rock or hard rock to metal. Bubbly sparkling crunch sounds are possible as well as a dark and punchy high-gain pandemonium. Plug into the poets One, and playing the first notes you’ll notice the amazingly tight bottom-end and the crisp treble. Harmonically rich and detailed chords go along with resonating single notes, even when cranking up the gain further.

There are still 59 days remaining on the poets One Kickstarter campaign with pledges starting from €199 for super early bird backers. Follow the link below for more information and full list of all available pledges.

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