Microsoft To Remind Users To Update Windows 10

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Microsoft To Remind Users To Update Windows 10

It is important to make sure that your operating system and software are up to date. It is important to fix bugs and also is important for security purposes.

Despite this, there are still people who can’t be bothered or don’t know how to update their systems. Well, if you’re still running the original version of Windows 10, Microsoft will start sending you reminders to update your OS soon.

The original build, version 1507, is reaching the end of its service status. Microsoft says, “As a reminder, the first version of Windows 10 is at end-of-service. While you can continue to use this version and your computer will still work, you will no longer receive the monthly quality updates that contain protection from the latest security threats. To remain secure your device should be updated to the latest feature update. We will start sending a notification if your device needs to be updated to the latest feature update.”

We’re not sure in what form those notifications will arrive, but Microsoft will notify you and let you know. How aggressive they will be, we don’t know. The company was very aggressive in the past when it came to getting people on Windows 10 early on.

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