Mergic Mini Wireless Charging Solution (video)

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Mergic Mini Wireless Charging Solution (video)

Mergic Mini Wireless Charging Solution

Kelvin So has designed and created a new mini wireless charging solution which is called Mergic that provide users with the world’s thinnest wireless charging pad that measures just 2.6 mm in thickness.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about Mergic and its features. Mergic is available to back via Kickstarter with shipping expected to take place during September 2017.

Mergic is a brand new charging solution for all the smart phones in the market. It comes with the world’s smallest wireless charging pad and a unique designed wireless receiver. Mergic wireless charging pad is only at 2.6mm in thickness so it will fit into any space that you need it. It can also easily transform any mobile accessories into a wireless charging station which will make charging of your smart phones easier than ever.

Charging is a everyday challenge for all smart phone users. Most of us will charge our phone with cables, no matter in the office, at home or in your car. Cable chaos is everywhere and Mergic will be your solution of your headache.

As we design Mergic, we want to make charging more easier than ever. We found that all the wireless charging pads in the market are all stand alone accessories, that mean you cannot use those pad with your existing accessories. For example, you can only replace your mobile stand with a new charging pad if you want to charge you phone wireless. This is not what we really want, so we design Mergic, with a charging pad only 55 * 55 * 2.6mm in size.

For more information on the new Mergic jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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