Hello World Magazine Issue 2 Celebrates 10 Years Of Scratch

Hello World Magazine Issue 2 Celebrates 10 Years Of Scratch

Hello World Magazine

Hello World the new magazine created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Computing at School, part of the British Computing Society specifically for computing and digital making educators.

As today seen the release of issue to which celebrates 10 years of scratch and includes an interview with Mitch Resnick about the visual programming tool that has revolutionised learning for an entire generation.

Mitch Resnick, Leader of the Scratch Team at MIT, providing a block-based programming language that introduces students to creating applications through play.

This packed edition of Hello World also includes news, features, lesson activities, research and opinions from Computing At School Master Teachers, Raspberry Pi Certified Educators, academics, informal learning leaders and brilliant classroom teachers. Highlights (for me) include:

• A round-up of digital making research from Oliver Quinlan
• Safeguarding children online by Penny Patterson
• Embracing chaos inside and outside the classroom with Code Club’s Rik Cross, Raspberry Jam-maker-in-chief Ben Nuttall, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator Sway Grantham, and CPD trainer Alan O’Donohoe
• How MicroPython on the Micro:bit is inspiring a generation, by Nicholas Tollervey
• Incredibly useful lesson activities on programming graphical user interfaces (GUI) with guizero, simulating logic gates in Minecraft, and introducing variables through story telling.
• Exploring computing and gender through Girls Who Code, Cyber First Girls, the BCSLovelace Colloqium, and Computing At School’s #include initiative
• A review of browser based IDEs

Jump over to the official Raspberry Pi Foundation website for details on how to get your copy for free.

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