Raspberry Pi Power Supply MiniUPS4RPi (video)

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Raspberry Pi Power Supply MiniUPS4RPi (video)

Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts can be interested inside a new spare or backup power supply which is specifically created to the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi spare power supply takes the sort of a HAT which provides enough energy to complete tasks and execute a correct shutdown just in case of power failure.

Watch the video below to discover the new section of hardware and that is launched via Kickstarter soon and it is open to back with pledges starting from just €27 for early bird backers and shipping expected to bring place during July 2017. The developer from the MiniUPS4RPi explains more its inspiration and design.

I always thought that Raspberry Pi had an enormous potential for industrial and commercial solutions, but every time I planned a solution that involved a RPi, I always clash with a similar issue : SD data corruption. Power fail inside a critical write can generate a unusable RPi (problems, problems, telephone calls, more problems, etc ). Could we avoid it? Yes, in case you spend some time googling you could find some solutions with external batteries. But, no. I don’t need lots of hours of the secondary power supply bigger than Raspberry Pi. I simply need a compact solution that enables me to shut down my Raspberry Pi safely, and also to transform it on when energy is recovered.

The answer is fairly simple : a battery charger, a little and compact Po-Li battery and a couple of electronic components to get 5V again, as depicted inside the following figure. The small 8-Bit Microchip microcontroller reads the input voltage and comunicates with Raspberry Pi thru serial port.

The capacity from the battery lets the Raspberry Pi to become powered for 5 to twenty minutes, with respect to the RPi consumption (CPU usage, peripherials, USB ports active, etc ). The hat includes a switch that works as a reset / on / off button. When the Raspberry Pi is turned off, a brief push turns it on. When the RPi is working, a brief press sends the order to shutdown the Raspberry Pi. An extended press turns it off by cutting the ability abruptly.

In case you enjoy building Pi projects you could be interested in your comprehensive collection of Raspberry Pi displays, HATS and little screens.

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