Modular Robot Construction System (video)

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Modular Robot Construction System (video)

Modular Robotic System

Anyone who want to discover designing and building robots can be curious about new robot modular construction kit which is created using a developer based in Spain.

Emme is created to supply a modular robot that needs no cables or connectors, usable on the road, off road, on water and under water. Watch the demonstration video below to discover this unique kit and that is taken to Kickstarter soon.

Emme will come in kit form with pledges offered by €25 and shipping expected to bring place during April 2018. Its designer Salvador explains more the modular robot construction kit.

The 3D printer parts will produce in Spain in my very own space, to the electronics production I‘ve companies with experience in Kickstarter products, and also the assembly will probably be made here in Spain to ensure quality control.
From two or three robots to many them I‘ve studied the schedule and also the necessary helpful information on manufacture and assembly

Emme is really a 3D printed robot, the electronics, components, and motor could be bought at the large one suppliers, and when is necessary manufacture hundred or thousands the manufacture and assembly process is basically simple and it is section of the Emme´s DNA. And if you would like you can purchase a do it right yourself´s kit and produce EMME by yourself with manuals, diagrams, videos and my help.

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