Amazon Echo With Display Image Leaks

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Amazon Echo With Display Image Leaks

Amazon has gradually been increasing its Echo device lineup lately and they have been very popular. So it was no surprise that we have been hearing reports that Amazon is working on a unique Echo device with a display.

Well now we are seeing the first leaked image of this Amazon Echo with display. What do you think?

This is a first for Amazon. They have never released an Echo device with a display. Users probably won’t have to use the mobile app since they will be able to configure almost all of the settings right from the device’s display. As far as design goes, it looks like an old portable TV set. Apparently Amazon is going to sell this device in black and white colors. Hopefully they up that design a bit and bring it into the modern age.

What do you think? Do you like the design enough to spend hundreds of dollars on this product? Amazon has not as yet confirmed when this Echo device is going to be launched. Hopefully soon. And hey, if it is a great product with great features, that design shouldn’t matter as much. We will find out soon enough I guess.

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