Amazon Echo Look Is A Camera With Alexa Built In (Video)

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Amazon Echo Look Is A Camera With Alexa Built In (Video)

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Amazon has announced the launch of its latest Alexa enabled device, the Amazon Echo Look and the device is designed to be a style assistant and a hands free camera.

The Amazon Echo Look comes with all of the standard features of Amazon’s Alexa, it can read the weather, play music and more.

With Echo Look, you can take full-length photos of your daily look using just your voice. The built-in LED lighting and depth-sensing camera let you blur the background to make your outfits pop, giving you clean, shareable photos. Get a live view in the Echo Look app or ask Alexa to take a short video so you can see yourself from every angle. View recommendations based on your daily look and use Style Check for a second opinion on what looks best. And, because Alexa is built in the cloud, she’s always getting smarter—and so will Echo Look.

The device can also be used as a Style Assistant and give you advice on your outfit for the day using a combination of machine learning and fashion specialist.

You can find out more details about the new Amazon Echo Look  at the link below, the device will retail for $199 and is available via invitation only at the moment.

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