AstroBox Touch 3D Printer Touchscreen Display

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AstroBox Touch 3D Printer Touchscreen Display (video)

AstroBox Touch 3D Printer Touchscreen Display

Anyone who already owns or has built their very own 3D printer and want to add any powerful touchscreen control console can be worth giving the new AstroBox Touch more investigation.

Created using a team based in San Diego California the AstroBox Touch is specifically designed to feature powerful touchscreen features along with wireless and cloud connectivity within your 3D printer.

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Not just that however the AstroBox Touch may also be controlled by iOS or android applications. Watch the demonstration video below to discover this powerful mini touchscreen 3D printer control panel. Features from the AstroBox Touch 3D printer touch screen control panel include :

• Beautiful 3.5″ touchscreen (480 x 320 pixels)
• Runs AstroBox Touch Software.  Easy and intuitive to use – Just plug it into your printer and it’s ready to go!
• No self-assembly necessary
• Simple, gorgeous user interface built with simplicity in mind
• Wirelessly control your 3D Printer without needing to use SD Cards
• Connected to the AstroPrint ecosystem – which includes the AstroPrint Cloud, Developer API, Desktop App(s) & Mobile App(s)
• Developer friendly
• Powered by the Raspberry Pi
• Compatible with all printers running standard Marlin, Repetier, & Sailfish firmware

If you‘re a 3D printer owner attempting to find an easy, intuitive, and plug & play method to print stuff, The AstroBox Touch is perfect for you. AstroPrint frees you against the hassle of wires, SD cards, and complicated engineering grade software – so that you could just concentrate on 3D Printing.

The AstroBox Touch is a straightforward, intuitive, cloud connected touchscreen for the 3D Printer. Yes, you may also extend its capabilities by installing 3D Printing related apps onto it, identical to your smartphone ! Because the AstroBox Touch is built with developers on your mind – You can install 3D Printing related apps from 3rd parties in your Touch just as easily while you install apps in your smartphone. For instance, you might have a Thingiverse app, a Design Repair app and an app that could send you text notifications each time a print has finished.

Jump Over to Kickstarter for more information and to create a pledge from $150.

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