Logitech CREATE iPad Keyboard Case Review

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Logitech CREATE iPad Keyboard Case Review

Got a 12. 9″ iPad Air? Then you’re likely attempting to find an instance to guard it coming from the rigors of life. One such option is Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case, an instance that combines both protection and also a backlit keyboard.

So so how exactly does Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case fair? Read my Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case review to see.


Price: $119.99 on Amazon
Availability: November 2015
Model: 920-007824

Summary: The Logitech CREATE Keyboard case isn’t light, but sure is protective. Whether they can take action about the load, then subsequent iteration will certainly be that far better.

What We Liked:

  • Tough as nails cover
  • No battery to charge; it runs off the iPad’s

What We Didn’t:

  • Doubles the weight of the 12.9-inch iPad Air
  • Costs $149.99. Add that on top of the iPad Air’s cost and you might wonder why you didn’t get a MacBook Air.


You will find a variety of colours to select from. With that a number of finishes that encase the keyboard. My choice? Red with rose gold interior. On reflection I probably wouldn’t choose the red color-way again, largely since it is quite loud. But nevertheless a break coming from the usual. Other available choices : Classic Blue / Silver, Black / Space Grey, Iris / Black and Black on Black.

Nevertheless, the exterior feels nails tough, finished inside a woven fabric that could do anything but absorb moisture. To that end, it doesn’t mar and also has worn very little inside the months I’ve been using it. Actually, I simply finished dragging my iPad Air and also the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case through 4 different countries and save for a couple of white specs, it’s gone fairly unharmed.

Installing the iPad Air requires which you align two corners using the interior (made of plastic ) and press firmly. If done correctly you’ll hear a snapping or popping noise, which indicates the iPad Air has slipped into place. To confirm the iPad Air is securely held set up, its frame ought to be flush with that from the Logitech CREATE Keyboard Case, though the tabs in either corner won’t and shouldn’t overlap the iPad Air’s frame as logic suggests.

The case stays closed because of some magnets, which should place the iPad Air into lock mode when closed. Opening it wakes the iPad Air, and when the smart connector is aligned the keyboard will then draw power. And yes, using this case you don’t need to charge it because it uses the iPad Air’s battery. Nevertheless, the smart connector does double duty and props the iPad Air up set up.

Performance and Drawbacks

Logitech Create Ipad Case

The fabric cover is not solely causes it to be simple to open and close, but is protective also.

Keyboard size, with that comfort, is paramount. And I’m happy to report that it case is both comfortable and ergonomically sound, equating in space to that of the MacBook Air. Keys offer a pleasant tactile click and therefore are so similar to that of my MacBook Air. With eyes closed I’d be none the wiser that I wasn’t typing givenfor my MacBook Air.

However, You will find a few misgivings.

The highest right corner key serves like a lock button. When reaching to the “delete” key, I often hit that. Fortunately, unlocking isn’t greater than a fingerprint away, but do it right greater than a couple of times inside a session and you’ll feel frustration commence to mount.

The “return key” isn’t also lit like the other keys with that on your mind the keyboard only lights up whenever you press a key, not whenever you place your fingers upon the keys. Sure, this really is done to conserve battery life, but it’s worth noting if you’re attempting to find an experience that‘s analogous to that of the laptop.

And lastly, the load : this thing is heavy. Combined it slightly greater than doubles the load from the 12. 9″ iPad Air – the keyboard is 725 g and also the iPad Air 713 g. Thats 1438g, or 3. 17 lbs. Conversely, a 13-inch MacBook Air weighs 2. 97lbs. Insert head scratch.

Moreover, it’s price, combined using the lowest tier iPad Air is equitable to that of the MacBook Air. In fact, you are doing get touchscreen and also the flexibility of ditching the keyboard. But I want to see a lighter case, especially considering it doesn’t boast an onboard battery.


So yeah, it’s heavy. But with that you receive a great keyboard, allowing one to be arguably more productive – work wise a minimum of – in your iPad. To that end, additionally props your iPad Air up, allowing one to relax and watch a show or perhaps a movie. Price you ask? $149. 99.

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