Retro Gaming Goes Older-School With A Portable Wood Emulator

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Retro Gaming Goes Older-School With A Portable Wood Emulator

Retro games are really popular at this time, largely because of nostalgia and perhaps, an appreciation for the sheer perfection simplicity can offer. Which sounds incredibly pretentious, but there’s something to become said for it. Most especially when it indicates you will get emulators made entirely from wood. Yes, we said wood.

Two Wood For One Game

The PE358 doesn’t have an excellent name, but it will come loaded for bear when one thinks of retro games. It features a Raspberry Pi on board to handle all of the emulation chores, and when you’re acquainted with the Game Boy Advance SP in the least, you already really know what you’re setting for; open it up and you’ve got a screen on a single side, the controls on another. What defines it stand out is, in fact, its housing. Carved from American walnut, it’s a distinctly classier, and distinctly beautiful. It’s even designed that will put a cable directly in the middle, rather than inside the hinge, and it’s oddly perfect.

Go Gaming

Obviously, there will be intellectual piracy issues with the emulation that aren’t fully settled yet; remember, it’s only OK to emulate the games you legally own, so buy anything you like to play. But, using this gorgeous casing and also the honestly quite powerful guts inside this type of emulator, that‘ll be a small concern. In the end, having a portable console this class, you can’t be breaking rules and regulation.

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