SDJ-02 Self Drying Jacket Inspired By Back To The Future (video)

SDJ-02 Self Drying Jacket Inspired By Back To The Future (video)

SDJ-02 Self Drying Jacket

Falyon Wearable Tech has this month unveiled its new second-generation Self Drying Jacket which comes complete with climate control and an integrated 6000mAh battery which you‘ll use to power the jacket and likewise recharge your mobile devices.

Designed with a Heating Mode, Cooling Mode, mobile charging, hidden tablet and smartphone pockets the SDJ-02 : Self Drying Jacket is now open to back via Kickstarter with pledges starting from $169.

Self Drying Jacket

Watch the demonstration video below to discover the self drying technology which inflates the jacket from the within to ensure that the material dries out much quicker than normal because of its three included heat pads.

We listened within your feedback upon the SDJ-01. Due to that, We‘re proud to mention We‘ve improved on the planning from the SDJ-02 in each and every possible way. Improvements include :

• climate control (heating + cooling modes )
• USB port for charging mobile devices
• larger pockets for smartphones / tablets
• thinner, lighter, and quieter air amplifiers
• illuminate, retro-style buttons
• cleaner, streamlined jacket design
• and much more !

The SDJ-02 features 3 heating pads built-in in the places you actually need them : 1 along the rear and 2 inside the front. The 2 front heating pads are positioned to not just warm the body, but additionally the pockets for the hands, making even the coldest days bearable and cozy. Combining the warmth from heating mode using the moving air from cooling mode creates an improved and enhanced drying mode. Now the SDJ-02 dries faster than ever !

For additional info on the new Falyon Wearable Tech Self Drying Jacket jump over towards the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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