MakerGear Workhorse Desktop 3D Printers Unveiled

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MakerGear Workhorse Desktop 3D Printers Unveiled

MakerGear Workhorse Desktop

MakerGear has created two new desktop printers in the form of the M3-SE and M3-ID. The MakerGear M3 Single Extrusion (M3-SE) and M3 Independent Dual (M3-ID) 3D printers will make their official debut next week at RAPID + TCT in Pittsburgh.

MakerGearIs hoping to start shipping the M3-SE towards the end of this month and the M3-ID during the summer months of 2017. MakerGear Founder & CEO Rick Pollack explains more about the new desktop 3D printers:

Our new products have the functionality and performance to meet the growing needs of professionals and educators. We have a standing commitment to provide excellent products with expert support. With the M3, we stand firmly behind this philosophy. MakerGear has a long tradition of helping our customers achieve optimal results, and today, we are expanding our footprint with the long awaited M3. And continuing our commitment to our community, we are proud that it is primarily manufactured in and around our headquarters in Beachwood, Ohio.


MakerGear Workhorse Desktop-2

For more information on the new MakerGear jump over to the official website for details by following the link below.

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