Next Gen SteamVR Knuckles Controllers Demonstrated By Developer (video)

Next Gen SteamVR Knuckles Controllers Demonstrated By Developer (video)

SteamVR Knuckles Controllers Demonstrated

Now developers have started receiving the next-generation SteamVR Knuckles Controllers one developer has taken to YouTube to demonstrate the new virtual reality controllers in use.

First impressions of the SteamVR Knuckles Controllers have been good and their ability to track individual fingers is sure to add extra immersion to the already engaging VR hardware created by Valve and HTC.

Watch the demonstration below to learn more about the SteamVR controller as Cloudhead Games Demonstrate the new hardware and its implementation. Valve is hoping to make the SteamVR controllers available as a consumer peripheral sometime later this year. Although pricing or official availability has not been announced as yet.

Cloudhead’s Denny Unger shows off the latest hardware from Valve and SteamVR with the “Knuckles” motion controllers.  SteamVR Knuckles controllers bring Next Gen VR with capacitive sensors for all five fingers, grasp detection, and a unique form factor that allows you to let go at any time without dropping the controller.

During this year’s E3 2017 a number of AAA game titles such as Skyrim, Fallout 4 and others were announced to be making their way to VR with official support being released later this year.

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