DIY Kester Mini Drone Kits Hit Kickstarter From $55 (video)

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DIY Kester Mini Drone Kits Hit Kickstarter From $55 (video)

DIY Kester Mini Drone Kits

Kester has this week taken to Kickstarter to launch their new DIY Kester drone kits which are available to back from just $55 and provide everything you need to be able to create your very own mini-drone.

The kits come complete with controller receiver board, remote control and battery pack and even provide a screwdriver to construct the components that require no soldering.

Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Kester drone kits which will start shipping during September 2017 if all goes well and the team raises the required funds via Kickstarter. Kester explains more about their drone kits and their inspiration.

We developed this company back in 2016. The purpose for developing this company was simple. As I was searching for kits to make for myself trying to broaden my education and learning skills, there weren’t many available kits and a lot of them were pretty much useless to use anyways. Thats why we decided to come into play. We wanted to lower the stress and hassale of finding all of your components and instructions of how to build something. We created Kester Kits, kits that are simple, fun, educational, and save you time and money without all of the hassale and to also help educate the new generation of kids to stem-learning.

We have been in the process of developing something huge. As the drone market and the popularity of it has gone crazy we decided that we should get involved also, but for different reasons. Drones are expensive, they can cost someone between $100 to even $1000. We thought, why not make it affordable for everyone and for people who like to build and make stuff like we do. We think that you guys would love the product the DIY Mini Drone Kit and that we hope that with this kickstarter campaign that it would help support many future projects to help people learn and educate themselves.

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