Customisable Shortcut Keypad (video)

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Customisable Shortcut Keypad (video)

Customisable Shortcut Keypad

Robin Hartley based in Sheffield within the UK has created a new customisable shortcut keypad which allows you to automate anything your mouse or keyboard can do with a simple press of a button.

Button functions can be set using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and all hardware is completely hackable to your exact requirements.

Robin explains more about the design and functionality of the shortcut keypad she has created.

The Amazing Shortcut Keypad is a USB keypad capable of automating anything your keyboard or mouse can do in any combination. This includes keyboard shortcuts, media commands, typing text and controlling the mouse.  By combining these with delays and repeats, you can quickly create powerful computer automation to overcome repetitive tasks – saving you time and effort.

It’s as simple as this – if this campaign reaches its goal, every part of this project will go Open Source and I’ll give you all the digital files you need to create your own shortcut keypad. This will include the keypad software (which is 100% Arduino compatible) as well as STL files for 3D printing, build instructions, circuit diagrams, circuit board files, tutorials and, of course, the drag and drop automation editor.

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