Awesome ‘Hudspith’ Steam-Powered Bicycle Can Reach 20mph (video)

Awesome ‘Hudspith’ Steam-Powered Bicycle Can Reach 20mph (video)

Awesome Steam-Powered ‘Hudspith’ Bicycle

A pensioner in the United Kingdom has created an awesome steam-powered bicycle which is capable of speeds up to 20 mph and has a range of 10 miles on a full tank of water.

Once the video below to learn more about the steam powered bicycle which has been created by 62-year-old Geoff Hudspith and has been aptly named the Steam-Powered ‘Hudspith’ Bicycle.

The steam powers a double action single cylinder, that then turns a flywheel to power a chain on the front wheel. Hudspith explains more about his design and steam-powered bike:

When it’s underway it’s surprisingly well-balanced because the weight of the boiler is balanced by the weight of the water tank on the other side at the back.

Geoff has turned down several offers to buy it, even for high sums of money.

“I even had a bloke in Denmark, some years ago now, who was so taken with it he wanted to swap a house for it,” Hudspith recalls.

“And well, I just thought; ‘Well, you know, is this bloke serious or what?’ You know. I suppose I should have taken the house and just made another steam bike.”

Source: AdafruitTech Insider UK

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