Using PiSound The Raspberry Pi Sound Card HAT (video)

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Using PiSound The Raspberry Pi Sound Card HAT (video)

PiSound The Raspberry Pi Sound Card HAT

Musicians attempting to find an inexpensive method to help create music can be interested inside the Raspberry Pi mini PC and it is Pisound HAT which transforms your Pocket PC into your complete audio workstation.

Watch the videos below to discover the capabilities from the Pisound HAT which is created by Blokas and also has soon been featured upon the official Raspberry Pi website where Jonic takes you through a short tutorial about how the Pisound can be utilized.

pisound is definitely an ultra-low latency high-quality soundcard and MIDI interface specially made for Raspberry Pi pocket computers. Designed with 192kHz 24-bit Stereo Input and Output driven from the legendary Burr-Brown chips, DIN-5 MIDI Input and Output ports, user-customizable button and bundled software tools, this little board will bring your audio projects to an entire new level !

pisound lets you connect an enormous sort of several types of audio-related gear. Because of wide-range gain control, you are able to connect audio sources starting from your bass guitar to some CD player or your modular synth. Using Stereo Output you are able to hook pisound to any mixer, speakers or just simply plug with your headphones.

For MIDI connectivity you might also need lots of options – MIDI In / Out through on-board DIN-5 sockets, USB-MIDI via Pi’s USB ports or perhaps WiFi-MIDI ! Once we were designing pisound perhaps one of the main goals ended up being to empower everyone to make use of pisound and Raspberry Pi in headless mode – without an external monitor, keyboard or mouse. As as it happens, one button is all you have to achieve this so we call it The Button.


Source: RPiF : blokas



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