Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Receive Major Upgrades

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Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Receive Major Upgrades

The recently released Surface Pro 4 and particularly the Surface Book were instant powerhouses, with increased capability than we’d seen in hybrids and tablets before (and also a price tag to match ). But if you had been somehow still left discontent, Microsoft has an enormous 2016 surprise for you personally.

While the initial versions from the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 came with several different upgrade options, it just wasn’t enough. Microsoft has now released a brand new slew of elite tiers for the mobile computer models, increasing speed, power, and storage…. for people who are able it.

Surface Book

A shiny new stylus and incredibly powerful hardware mark the new version of Microsoft’s flagship models.

We Might discuss the stats separately, but Microsoft has equipped both these high-end computer models with a similar specs, therefore the major difference is rather or otherwise you favor a far more laptop-oriented design or perhaps a more flexible tablet option (both use touchscreens ). Both versions could be upgraded to some Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space, that specs that will look great on any home PC, including a little Windows tablet.

You will find a couple smaller differences between the 2 models worth pointing out. First, the Surface Book does give a discrete GPU, while this really is beyond the abilities from the Pro 4 – basically, the Book it‘s still better at graphics and video that Microsoft tablets. Second, the Book comes by having an upgraded stylus, too : It’s gold in color (not actually – we need to be careful about this lately ), and comes having a kit that lets you adjust the tip until you discover a version that works best for you personally.

These advanced options are probably intended for experts who got to run more demanding software on the machines but nonetheless want portability – or maybe students or artists who need a computer which will handle their lifestyle in one end to another. However the devilish details wait inside the price. You’ll got to spend $3, 200 for a brand new high-end Surface Book, and $2, 700 to get the best Surface Pro 4. Just how many of you‘re ready to pony up much to get the best of the very best?

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