Raspberry Pi Jam Guidebook Now Available

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Raspberry Pi Jam Guidebook Now Available

Raspberry Pi Jam Guidebook

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts or those looking to get started using the awesome mini PC may be interested in the new Raspberry Pi Jam Guidebook which has been made available by the official Raspberry Pi Foundation to provide more information on setting up your own community Raspberry JAM or learn more about how you can participate.

The official Raspberry Pi Foundation explains more about what you can expect from the Raspberry Pi Jam Guidebook and pack and starter kits.

One of the things many Jam organisers told us they needed was a set of assets to help with advertising. With that in mind, we’ve created a new branding pack for Jam organisers to use in their promotional materials. There’s a new Raspberry Jam logo, a set of poster templates, a set of graphical assets, and more

It’s packed full of advice gathered from the Raspberry Pi community, showing the many different types of Jam and how you can organise your own. It covers everything from promoting and structuring your Jam to managing finances: we’re sure you’ll find it useful. Download it now!

Finally, we’ve put together a Raspberry Jam starter kit containing stickers, flyers, printed worksheets, and lots more goodies to help people run their first Jam. Once you’ve submitted your first event to our Jam map, you can apply for your starter kit. Existing Jams won’t miss out either: they can apply for a kit when they submit their next event.

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