Make-A-Pede STEM Arduino Centipede Robot (video)

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Make-A-Pede STEM Arduino Centipede Robot (video)

Arduino Centipede Robot

Educators, makers and parents looking for a way to expand their children’s knowledge of STEM, robotics and programming may be interested in a new centipede robot which has been created by Automata based in Phoenix Arizona.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the Make-A-Pede which has been specifically designed for STEM education and is based on the Arduino platform enabling anyone to be able to program it.

The Make-A-Pede is a project that has been brewing for some time. It was first conceived when we were working on projects for a Maker Faire. In our booth we had made several robots and other projects all out of salvaged stuff. The original Make-A-Pede (which didn’t have a name at that time) was made from various salvaged components found at thrift stores and our local makerspace.

It was controlled by an Arduino Nano and a home-made motor driver board. As we were building it, we saw this robot as having real potential as an educational robotics platform. The Make-A-Pede has come a long way since then. We have made numerous design changes and improvements along the way, and have had many opportunities to field test the robot through maker events and robotics classes.

The Make-A-Pede is completely open source. Our vision for the Make-A-Pede is that it is a community project. We want makers of the Make-A-Pede to join our forum, post their successes, their challenges, and their ideas for improvements. We want to see what creative things people have done with their Make-A-Pede. We’ve tried to make the robot versatile so that beginners and experienced users alike can learn and have fun with it.

As an open-source platform, makers can already download the plans to build their own Make-A-Pede. This requires experience using and access to some specialized tools including a 3D printer and laser cutter. Our goal for this campaign is to get the funding to create Make-A-Pede kits so that anyone can easily build a Make-A-Pede in their home or classroom without needing access to these specialized tools. Advanced users can enjoy the kit as well, since it provides an easy and versatile starting point for experimentation and development.

For more information on the new centipede, robot jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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