LEDUNIA Wireless Internet Of Things Development Board (video)

LEDUNIA Wireless Internet Of Things Development Board (video)

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Those of you looking to develop Internet of Things projects may be interested in a new wireless-enabled Internet of Things development board which is being created by a development team based in Nuremberg, Germany.

The new Ledunia IoT development board is equipped with an ESP8266 and is fitted with a full TCP/IP stack, which you can use for rapid prototyping any IoT application. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the small USB development board which is compatible with Windows 10, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Ledunia is based on the proven ESP8266 microchip technology, but with a twist. The chip is just the beginning: we’ve added pin headers, memory, neopixel LEDs and a standard USB plug, and then enclosed the board in a durable plastic case, so it’s easy to take your ledunia projects with you. You can take your ledunia to class to show off a project, or to a customer to demonstrate your technology, without worrying about damaging the board.

Ledunia is comparable to the Arduino platform and it’s fully compatible with the Arduino IDE, so you can take advantage of existing Arduino tools, sketches and projects as the basis for your new ideas. However, ledunia is NOT just another nodeMCU clone. It executes much faster than Arduino and has many more features and resources on board, giving you a wider range of development possibilities.

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