Best Task Manager Apps For Android (App Killer For Samsung)

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Task managers used to become a really big deal. Back in the days of FroYo and Gingerbread there weren’t lots of methods to do business with applications and in case you opened one, it remained open to sap what precious RAM was available on phones back then. Since Ice Cream Sandwich and also the inclusion from the stock Android task manager, the task manager apps ecosystem has kinda fallen straight into the background. Nevertheless, there will still be lots of people that prefer using third party task managers so we’ve put together a listing of the task manager apps for Android. Let's read Best Task Manager Apps For Android (App Killer For Samsung).

Android Task Manager Pro

First on our list is likewise probably the most expensive on our list with Android Task Manager Pro. To its credit it will have lots of features including a real-time process list, application management, backup capabilities, including external APK file installation, CPU usage monitoring, and much more. It’s a solid option that does things apart from task management which is usually a plus. In case you don’t mind the above average price tag, this can be a pretty decent app.

Advanced Task Killer – ReChild

ReChild really hit a home run with the Advanced Task Killer. It’s garnered over 50 million downloads and was perhaps one of the top apps back inside the day when task killers were actually necessary. They’ve continued to update the app for this day and it’s still quite useful if you want an activity manager. It will the conventional task management things and also offers extra stuff like an ignore list for apps you never wish to kill and various levels of task killing. It’s free and it’s a solid option that’s helped millions of individuals already.


Advanced Task Manager – INFOLIFE LLC

As is that the case with task managers, this app has a really similar name to the final one. It’s called Advanced Task Manager and such as the last Advanced Task Manager, this one also manages tasks. The feature set is a bit more simplistic but it ought to be good for those who want something just a little lighter. It kills tasks and manages apps like you’d expect. There‘s also some unique features like killing GPS. It will what you‘ll need it to carry out in an easy manner and it’s also free. Free is usually good.

ES Task Manager

If you’re a fan of ES File Explorer and you would like an activity manager, you will get one from a similar people. It’s perhaps one of the better designed apps on possibilities and matches the aesthetic of ES File Explorer so people that enjoyed the file manager will likely enjoy the design from the task manager. Unlike many of those, the feature list is ridiculously long and includes all the conventional features of the task management app together with pretty much everything in ES File Explorer because it’s integrated into that also. It’s a solid app, it’s free, and definitely worth considering.

GO Cleaner & Task Manager

Very similar to ES File Manager having its own task manager, so too does GO Launcher. With GO Cleaner & Task Manager you will get an app given by a trusted developer, so you will know for sure that it’s competently done. Such as the launcher, the task manager is extremely popular, sporting a reported 40 million downloads to date. It features a slick interface, all the conventional features, and also a myriad of features that also help clean your phone up. Including getting rid of folders that uninstalled apps left behind, clearing your cache, deleting browsing data, among others. It’s great for those who need a task manager that also does something else that’s useful and it’s liberating to boot!


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