Trace What You See With The NeoLucida XL (video)

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Trace What You See With The NeoLucida XL (video)

Trace What You See With The NeoLucida XL

Anyone who enjoys sketching and would like to be able to capture and outline of the subject they are painting or drawing a little quicker may be interested in a new piece of equipment created by the makers of the awesome NeoLucida.

The NeoLucida XL offers a larger reflection mirror and makes it easier to see your subject and transfer it to your page. For a full demonstration on how the system works check out the video below to learn more.

Pablo Garcia has taken to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website to launch the larger NeoLucida XL and has already raised over $200,000 thanks to over 3400 backers with still 29 days remaining on the campaign.

Pablo explained a little more about the NeoLucida XL and it’s design:

The NeoLucida XL uses mirror and glass to combine a virtual ghost image of your subject and the real view of your hand. Setting it up is easy:

• Clamp the NeoLucida XL to a table or sturdy drawing board.
• Bend the adjustable gooseneck so that the viewer is facing your subject and positioned over your paper.
• Look straight down into the viewer to see your page and a ghost image of your subject superimposed.

Part of your vision goes through the glass to your pencil. Simultaneously, part of your vision bounces off the glass, then the first-surface mirror, then out to your subject. The result is a ghost image on your page.  Look down into the NeoLucida XL and a ghost image of your subject appears on top of your page.

No matter your skill level, the NeoLucida XL helps you make more accurate drawings. Proportion—the relationships between elements of your subject—and perspective—accurate rendering of space—are laid out for you in the ghost image. You can even compose your scene before you draw so your subject fits on your paper the way you want it to. All of this means you can focus on the most important part of drawing: putting pencil to paper. Controlling a pencil to make beautiful lines takes practice. With the NeoLucida XL, you spend less time on laying out your drawing and more time drawing.

Source: Kickstarter

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