Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Projector Review

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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Projector Review

Till recently, there have been 2 terribly distinct classes associated with projector : 4K, as well as everyone otherwise. Sony experienced a organization grip upon the ultra-elite marketplace, manufacturing simply 3 projectors that can truly show in 4K to the cool worth associated with $10, 000 the pop (or even more ).

Currently but, because technologies constantly will, the value is actually lastly beginning to come back lower a little with regard to a brand new category associated with projector such as the Epson PowerLite House Cinema 5040UB. This can be a projector that attributes what the corporate refers in order to be able for you to help because “4K enhancement”, a style of upscaling which provides the actual high top good excellent upward and also the prices lower for people who need a 4K house theater method however don’t possess $10k laying about withinside extra alter.

However so how exactly does 4K enhancement endure accurate 4K, as well as can it be really well worthy of the actual additional price?


Price: $2999.00 on Amazon 
Available: Now
Model: 5040UB

What We Liked

  • Spectacular image quality in all tests
  • Gaming performance was great
  • 4K quality was apparent at medium viewing distance

What We Didn’t

  • Big, bulky profile
  • No speakers
  • Expensive
  • Runs loud and hot

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Specs


Whenever We very initial reviewed the actual Epson 5040UB’s cousin, the actual Powerlite 1440, We noted exactly just precisely the way the actual projector’s (what I assumed at that time ) large footprint might not fit on the ledge or even occasional desk comfortably while not a person getting to maneuver a couple of issues about.

The actual 5040UB however may perhaps you have reorganizing the whole house residing area about the humongous 20. 5″ x 17. 7″ x 7. 6″, 24lb body. We haven’t fulfilled the projector mount in order to be able for you to help day that’s rated with regard to 24lbs, as well as though I’m positive You will find a couple of that can deal with this, with regard to the foremost component I might anticipate to become installing this particular monolith someplace terribly main in order to be able for you to help your residence theater layout in general.

The particular style from the Epson isn’t really bad to seem in, along with curved whitened edges as well as a little lens door which starts by itself once the projector is actually active. The actual automatic whirring in order to be able for you to help lifestyle from the lens door provides the actual projector even more of which cinematic, “curtains unfurling” type of really truly come to sense, that is really a nice when bit thinking about just simply the amount you need to pay to obtain a ticket in to this particular theater.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB

As big as this projector is, it keeps the port options to a minimum

The actual Epson PowerLite House Cinema 5040UB 3LCD projector utilizes 3-LCD chip technologies to make the images with a maximum show resolution associated with 1920 x 1080 (along with 4K upscaling as well as HDR ), together with the distinction percentage associated with 1, 000, 000 : 1 as well as ANSI lumen rating associated with 2500, along with a chance to show a good image because giant because tiny because 50″ or even giant because 300″ across through part in order to be able for you to help part, with a length associated with 32 ft.

With regard to this type of beast of the projector, the actual PowerLite 5040UB is actually suspiciously reduced upabout accessible ports, along with simply 1 HDMI two. two, 1 HDMI 1. 4, two USB two. 0 slots, 1 mini-USB, as well as 1 LAN jack upabout the rear.

User Interface and Settings

The actual customers user software from the Epson 5040UB doesn’t deviate a lot through what it is that we very initial noticed upon the PowerLite 1440, but I will be able to claim that I‘d been sorely unhappy inside the keystoning choices We‘re provided.

Unlike some other projectors (this kind of like the Optoma HD HD28DSE ) embrace the options associated with four-corner keystoning, and that is far exceptional towards the basic one-axis vertical keystoning upon the 5040UB.

With regard to this kind of a good costly projector We Might possess assumed this particular function would be a must-have, however guess the shortage of them may need some thing related to the actual Pixel Shift technologies that’s used in order to make the actual 4K enhancement function.

Testing and Performance

Brightness/Picture Quality

The actual Epson 5040UB utilizes what’s referred to as “pixel shift” technologies to make what the corporate calls “4K enhancement” high top good excellent images, that utilizes the 1080p 3LCD chip after which shifts the amount of pixels in order to be able for you to help approximate in 4K resolution.

While not obtaining as well specialized, basically which means that whilst you are able to technically show with a resolution that appears much like 4K, withinside actuality it’s solely received about 50 percent the actual pixels, or even doubly which associated with 1080p.

Epson PowerLite 5040

Whether it was a game or movie, the color reproduction on the 5040UB was superb

No matter what a few 4K purists may state but, We individually believed the actual high top good excellent upon the Epson 5040UB had been nicely really well worthy of the value, manufacturing many of the the majority of luxuriously heavy as well as nuanced colours we’ve noticed on the projector in order to be able for you to help day.

1 space in which the projector could afford worked just a little more durable had been inside the brightness division. Right listed below, with a length associated with 10ft withinside near-total darkness using the projector established in order to be able for you to help the personal preset “Bright mode”, all of us recorded the rating associated with 1, 131 lux withinside the center of the actual image, having a variable price associated with 900 – 1300 lux all around the corners.

Gaming Performance

Simply because great because movies such as Zootopia looked for this projector, games such as Ori and also the Blind Forest looked more appropriately.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5040UB

Projector gaming performance at its finest

This is actually the game I prefer to make use of in order to be able for you to help check the colour as well as responsiveness associated with a device as a result of aside through this becoming probably the most beautiful game games to become released during the past 10 many a long time, it’s additionally extremely dependent upabout fast response as well as reaction occasions in order to be able for you to help grasp the punishingly correct motion method.

The actual 60Hz refresh price, because usual, may rub a couple of hardcore PC gamers the incorrect method, but when you’re operating the actual Epson on the console a person shouldn’t have the ability to discover any kind of evident problems regardless of whether you’re gaming on-line or even associated.

3D Performance

3D overall efficiency had been simply because eye-dazzling because what it is that we noticed withinside movies as well as games upon the 2D aspect associated with issues, but presently right now generally at this time there would be a a lot of discernible distinction inside the pixel density once we place the glasses upabout.

This really is doubtless once more because of some thing inside the method the actual 3LCD chip truly upscales this content this shows, however while not understanding the actual specialized particulars associated with exactly just precisely the way the actual pixels tend to be truly becoming shifted, all of us can’t state with regard to positive.

Noise and Heat

Becoming this type of loud, proud device, it’s absolutely simply zero surprise the 5040UB churned away a few severe noise as well as heat throughout the numerous screening methods.

To stay the actual pixel-shifted chip as well as lens cooled lower, the actual fans experienced to operate in about 43dB, simply to stay the actual resting heat from the projector in 128° F.

In case you arrange upabout operating this particular projector while not a good air conditioner about, end up being prepared to obtain hot beneath the collar throughout adore movie viewing or even gaming sessions inside an enclosed area.


When one thinks of seem, We guess Epson assumed which if you re able to pay for the $2, 999 projector, you’ve likely received a minimum of an additional $50 lying about in order to be able for you to help decrease on the decent set of two further speakers as a result of there will be none in order to be able for you to help “speak” associated with for this design.

If you would like further seem It‘ll should be exterior, thus maintain which on your mind prior to dropping a couple of paychecks for this Epson.

Wrap Up

The actual Epson PowerLite House Cinema 5040UB 3LCD produces lovely 1080p images which appear nearly because near 4K because they have to in this particular price.

Appear elsewhere (such as upabout the Very greatest 4K projectors associated with 2016 checklisting ), as well as you’ll notice which a traditional 4K chip can price a person, with a minimal, $10, 000 to obtain withinside your residence. In simply more than the one fourth associated with the value, the actual Epson projector is actually undoubtedly the very best projector all of us in Gadget Evaluation possess used before…but it’s additionally the foremost costly, thus consider everything praise having a slight grain associated with salt.

If you need to end up being the very first individual in your prevent in order to be able for you to help show 4K content material in pictures dimensions larger compared to 80″ across, the actual Epson will be your best option in order to make which occur currently, while not forking during the lower retransaction on the home in an effort to do it right.

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