BrewArt Smartphone Controlled Automated Beer Brewing System (video)

BrewArt Smartphone Controlled Automated Beer Brewing System (video)

BrewArt Smartphone Controlled Automated Beer Brewing System

BrewArt has created a new automated beer brewing system that can be controlled by either your iOS or Android smartphone thanks to its companion application, which allows you to enter the art of brewing in a controlled and easy to understand way.

Check out the video below to learn more about the BrewArt automated beer brewing machine, the Art of Brewing and BrewArt’s patented technology, which is all available with pledges starting from $495. Unfortunately shipping is only available within the United States.

The development team behind the BrewArt brewing system explain more about its inspiration features and functionality:

BrewArt is the world’s first fully automated personal brewing system. It is a complete system that enables you to brew your own pub quality beer at the touch of a button. You can monitor and control your brew from a smart phone and then keg and dispense without requiring CO2. Choosing your favorite beer can be as simple as scrolling through the range of BrewPrints or developing your own customized brew.

The BrewArt system is a high-end lifestyle product that looks great in any modern kitchen with world-first technology to match. Comprising of two key components the BeerDroid and the BrewFlo, BrewArt brings a pub-quality beer experience into the home. Completing the system are BrewPrints, each a specific set of ingredients with a corresponding brew program that automatically controls the brewing process.

The system was successfully launched in Australia late last year to great reviews, we now want to launch BrewArt in the US.
With regards to the products, we need revised internal components to meet US market specifications, required certifications and approvals, packaging, revised instructions and software modifications. In addition, we need to establish warehousing, fulfillment, website and after sales service. R&D is required to develop new BrewPrint recipes to suit the US market.


Source: Kickstarter

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