Beer Spike Advanced Beer Drinkers Tool (video)

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Beer Spike Advanced Beer Drinkers Tool (video)

Beer Spike Advanced Beer Drinkers Tool

Those of you that enjoy sipping a beer or two may be interested in an advanced beer drinker tool which has been created by Raging Mammoth based in Santa Monica California and takes the form of The Beer Spike.

The Beer Spike offers for functions providing you with the ability to shotgun beers, opens bottles, pulls can tabs, and pierces can tops for optimal flow, all while fitting on a keychain. Check out the promotional video below to learn more about this pocket beer drinking tool which is taken to Kickstarter and already has over a thousand backers.

This time around we partnered with a world-class design team that has sourced hundreds of products in the past. They work with some of the top golf companies in the world. This is our third Kickstarter and Raging Mammoth is a well-oiled machine that churns out thousands of products every month. Our challenge is to make this beast in the United States. We need $100k to place a large enough order to make this happen. We have bootstrapped Raging Mammoth since day one which means we need you for significant investments like these.

For more information on the new The Beer Spike jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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