Portable Bluetooth Headphone Charging Case (video)

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Portable Bluetooth Headphone Charging Case (video)

Portable Bluetooth Headphone Charging Case

Symphonized has this week taken to Kickstarter to raise the required funds to take its portable Bluetooth headphones charging case into production.

The Kickstarter project is looking to raise $10,000 over the next 60 days and is available to back from just $14 with delivery expected to take place during August 2017. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about this unique case which can charge your Bluetooth headphones when not in use.

Have you ever been in the middle of a really intense workout, listening to your favorite jams, and have your Bluetooth headphones die on you? How about stuck in the middle of a really long dragging commute with the only saving grace being your music or audio book? Having your headphones run out of juice just really ruins everything. Whether you’re an Android user, or an iPhone user, the need for this charging case is real.

Android users are still lucky enough to have an aux port, so they always have the option of plugging in an old fashioned pair of wired headphones and getting on the go. But come on, everything is moving into Bluetooth. Pretty soon, walking around with wired headphones will be the equivalent of walking around with a cassette player or having an eight track in your car.
With most of us being iPhone users, we don’t even have the option of using our favorite wired headphones without remembering to bring along our adapter. Let’s be honest with each other. No one remembers to carry that around every day. Most of us have probably even lost ours by now.

This started becoming a really big problem for all of us here at Symphonized and we wanted to come up with a solution. We came up with the idea of a carrying case for your headphones that would also have the built in capability of charging your headphones. The Symphonized Charging Case makes sure your Bluetooth headphones are safe and stay in good condition and have the added capability of allowing you to plug them in to charge while you are carrying them around. You never have to worry about forgetting to your charge headphones ever again. Plug your headphones in every time you put them away and you will never run out of power at an inconvenient time ever again! On a single charge of the case, you’ll get up to 4 full charges for your headphones!

We also want to give you guys a special chance to try some of our other brand new products. We have recently developed three new models of Bluetooth earphones. The Symphonized LUX, Symphonized CD, or Symphonized XTC wireless models would be the perfect compliments to your charging case. You can check them out below! We want you to have the complete package as a thank you for literally helping dreams come true.

So Let’s Make This Simple: What you Get Symphonized Portable Charging Case: Charge your headphones anywhere anytime Protection for your buds: Keep your headphones safe; extend their lifespan! Brand New Symphonized Headphones: Have the option of trying out one of our BRAND NEW Bluetooth headphone models along with your pouch! (Check them out below) Sounds pretty great, right?

For more information on the new portable charging case jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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