LoRaCatKitty Designed For Internet Of Things Projects (video)

LoRaCatKitty Designed For Internet Of Things Projects (video)

LoRaCatKitty Internet Of Things

Andres Sabas based in Mexico has created a new piece of hardware called the LoRaCatKitty which has been specifically designed to help you build Internet of Things applications with LoRa in just three simple steps.

Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the LoRaCatKitty which is based on the ESP8266 module and combines the best of wireless connectivity with LoRa.

Andres explains more about the inspiration behind LoRaCatKitty and its design:

LoRaCatKitty is designed to simplify the development of Internet of Things (IoT) applications using the fabulous (but still underutilized)  LoRa Technology. We have based our development on the ESP8266 WiFi module and the LoRa RN2903 or RN2483 microchip module, and we have designed it to allow you can create IoT applications without deep knowledge of technology.

With LoRaCatKitty we have tried to create  an inclusive development platform, facilitating the creation of projects by almost anyone, through a simple Android application to generate the firmware (software) that will use your device. You only have to select the sensor you are going to use, drag and drop it on the LoRaCatKitty and go! The programming will be done automatically from your cell phone or tablet.

So far, the way LoRa IoT applications have been built requires expert work several in different disciplines, from programming microcontrollers, to protocal-specific knowledge about networks and radio frequencies.  LoRaCatKitty re-defines the methodology for building IoT devices with LoRa, creating a new way of connecting devices with long range and low energy consumption. Almost anyone can implement a solution or develop a prototype quickly and easily with LoRaCatKitty.

For more information on the new LoRaCatKitty jump over to the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

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