Best Canon DSLR

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Best Canon DSLR

It might seem difficult to narrow down possibilities of the very best Canon DSLR cameras to only three ; in the end, Canon Rebel cameras identified because the good old days of film. But we’ve been able that will put those many years of technology advancements to good use in narrowing our list, seeking digital cameras with the very best image quality, fastest performance levels, easiest features to make use of, and finest price points.

To start out, the very best models inside the Canon DSLR lineup got to offer a minimum of an APS-C sized image sensor. In the end, a bigger physical image sensor will yield better image quality to the camera in general. And although the amount of recordable megapixels is usually overblown in marketing materials, we still required no less than 24 megapixels of resolution in order to make our list. Lastly, we looked for models having a least an ISO setting of 25, 600, because figure (or more ) yields better image quality in low light. Consequently, our #1 pick, the Canon EOS Rebel T6i ($699 ), fits all of those criteria, while remaining well below the desirable $1, 000 price point.

Best Canon DSLR Camera

How We Choose the Best Canon DSLR Camera

Image quality is the foremost important consideration in selecting which Canon DSLR to purchase. Two primary factors contribute towards the image quality you are able to achieve with one of these advanced cameras : the physical scale the image sensor, and resolution count. A robust DSLR camera needs to possess an image sensor of a minimum of an APS-C size, but the most important image sensor you’ll find inside a camera aimed at consumers / professionals is really a full frame image sensor (which matches the dimensions of the frame of 35mm film coming from the old days of photography ). Larger image sensors perform better in low light situations, which many consumer photographers find themselves in, whether shooting photos at the child’s musical production or of your kids putting out cookies for Santa inside a candlelit room through the night.

For many photographers, the 24 megapixels of resolution using the Rebel T6i are plenty. For instance, if you’re shooting photos from the kids with a football game or photos on the trip towards the mountains, 24 or even more megapixels of resolution are greater than enough in order to make large prints for any scrapbook or perhaps for framing. But if you need to make poster sized prints, the 50-plus megapixels available inside the 5Ds, a full frame Canon DSLR, can be more helpful for you personally. Shooting with a better megapixel count also lets you crop the photo in post processing without losing an excessive amount image quality.

A Canon digital single lens reflex (DSLR ) camera which will work fast needs to b e in a position to shoot with a frame rate of four frames per second or faster. Such frame rates permit shooting photos of fast moving subjects, for example when you’re photographing with a sporting event. Hand in hand having a fast frame rate is the call for lots of autofocus points, which permit the camera to dial inside the focus faster, leading to better performance. Entry-level DSLRs will often have 15 or 20 autofocus points, while more advanced cameras will offer 40 or even more autofocus points to obtain fast focus speeds.

Then there’s price point to the camera body only. For the entry-level Canon DSLR, you are able to expect to invest $750 or less to the camera body alone. Mid-level DSLRs often cost about $1, 500, while knowledgeable level Canon camera can run you almost $5, 000. The cameras on our list fit well within these guideline price points.

Finally, you are able to seek some extra features that could make the newest Canon DSLR work easier. The articulated LCD upon the Rebel T6i is definitely aspect that will make it a best Canon DSLR for beginners, as possible twist the LCD towards the point where one can shoot selfies.

Why You Should Purchase a New Canon DSLR Camera

If you’re a Canon loyalist who has got owned a model for a good length of time, purchasing a brand new camera provides you with plenty of valuable features the manufacturer has improved upon and added during the past couple of years. Perhaps one of the best features is that the addition of increasingly more megapixels the image sensor can record. A Canon DSLR from a couple of years back could have offered 12 or 16 megapixels, so you’re visiting get a 100% improvement in resolution or even more with these best DSLR camera options.

One key component that doesn’t receive enough attention inside a Canon DSLR comparison is that the image processor chip contained within the camera. Newer models contain the newest processors, which speed the overall ability from the camera to maneuver data and reply to commands. You’re visiting wish to seek a Canon DSLR which has a minimum of the DIGIC 6 image processor, which all three from the models on our list offer.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of image quality you are able to achieve when shooting several types of photos in your own home as well as on vacation just by upgrading your current camera to one of these simple Canon DSLRs. You’ve heard the expression a worker is merely as good like the quality of his tools? Photography may be a lot of that sort. Using the right hardware, you’ll be amazed in the increase inside the quality of your respective images.

Finally, if you’re migrating from your older Canon camera to some newer one, you’re visiting save yourself a few bucks versus the initial camera purchase you made. That’s since the interchangeable lenses you used along with your older Canon DSLR camera should remain usable on your recent Canon DSLR too, like the manufacturer uses a similar lens mount on several of their DSLRs. So it pays to stick using the Canon brand if you’ve already amassed a pleasant collection of Canon DSLR lenses during the past.

#1 Pick Canon EOS Rebel T6i – Editor’s Choice/Best Canon DSLR For Beginners

Canon Rebel T6i DSLR

The Rebel T6i is the best Canon DSLR camera, thanks to strong image quality and a reasonable price.

Price: $749 | Read Full Review: Canon Rebel T6i Review Image Sensor Size: APS-C | Resolution: 24.2 MP

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK : Budget priced DSLR camera provides above average image quality.

The main reason I‘ve made the Canon Rebel T6i the highest pick among Canon DSLR cameras is since it offers the very best mix of excellent image quality to the money. It’s definitely the very best DSLR camera for beginners, offering image quality that could meet the requirements of beginner- and intermediate-level photographers at a really reasonable price, because of its APS-C sized image sensor with 24. 2 megapixels of resolution.

The T6i’s performance speeds aren’t quite as good like the other two DSLRs on our list, because it offers 19 autofocus points, meaning it can’t quite discover the focal point as quickly as some others, but it’s fast enough for many shooting situations. And it also can record at 5 frames per second in burst mode, which is a superb performance level for any camera in its price range. It contains the DIGIC 6 image processor, which yields good levels of speed for that camera.

One area during which the Canon T6i will attract beginning and intermediate photographers is using its touch screen capabilities. From my experience, slightly screen on the camera just causes it to be easier to make use of from the box, especially for those who have grown used to the operation of smartphones in the last several years. The screen twists and swivels far from the camera too, allowing for photos where you need to hold the camera at an odd angle.

Beyond the display screen, it’s simple to use the T6i’s viewfinder to frame photos too. And also the camera will work noticeably faster in viewfinder mode than if you’re by using the display screen to frame photos (called Live View mode ), so photographers would want to take benefit of this model’s impressive viewfinder. A viewfinder is really a key component of any DSLR camera.

Taking a look at the Rebel T6i, you may expect it to possess some significant weight inwith it, however this model is surprisingly lightweight. It doesn’t feel cheaply made though, and I additionally liked the placement from the buttons upon the T6i, that easy to attain and utilize.

#2 Pick Canon EOS 5Ds – Best Professional Canon Camera


Thanks to its full frame image sensor, the Canon 5DS is a great professional level DSLR.

Retail Price: $3,499.00 (body only)| Read Full Review: Canon 5Ds Review Image Sensor Size: Full Frame | Resolution: 50.6 MP

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK : Full frame image sensor yields sharpest, pro-level image quality.

If you’re seeking the very best Canon DSLR camera for photography, it’s tough to beat the Canon EOS 5Ds. This model does a tremendous job in creating images that even professionals will adore, because of its full frame image sensor that offers greater than 50 megapixels of resolution. Few cameras out there can match or surpass the 5Ds in both of these areas.

You’ll pay for the degree of power, though, like the 5Ds includes a price tag of greater than $3, 000 to the camera body only. And it’s a little bit of a disappointment that it isn’t a Canon 4K DSLR for video recording, as you’ll be limited to only 1080p full-HD video recording. Still, the 5Ds has lots of other high-end features, including dual memory card slots, a 61-point autofocus system, and outstanding low light image quality results.

#3 Pick  Canon EOS 80D – Best Canon DSLR for the Money

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera

The Canon EOS 80D is a strong mid-level DSLR camera, offering good features that will appeal to both intermediate and entry-level photographers.

Retail Price: $1,199.00 | Image Sensor SizeAPS-C | Resolution: 24.2 MP

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK : Excellent price point makes this DSLR an excellent value.

At a bit more than $1, 000, I adore the value point from the Canon EOS 80D DSLR camera. This model hits the intermediate degree of the marketplace when it comes to features, but its price is closer towards the entry-level portion from the DSLR market, making this camera an excellent value.

The 80D has an APS-C sized image sensor with 24. 2 megapixels of resolution, and it is image quality is just like what you’ll find using the Rebel T6i. But it will provide a faster burst mode speed of as much as 7 frames per second than its less expensive counterpart, and it also offers a 45-point autofocus system, giving it better performance levels compared to the Rebel.

Best Canon DSLR Features to Look Out For

Image Sensor

One unbreakable rule regarding DSLRs is a bigger physical image sensor will yield better photographic results. Canon DSLRs usually have either a full frame image sensor, which happens to be the largest available, or an APC-S sized image sensor, and that is just a little smaller but nonetheless works well.

RAW Shooting

  • Every good DSLR camera should have the ability to record in either JPEG (a far more basic image quality format ) or RAW (a far more extensive image format ).
  • The RAW format causes it to be simpler to edit the photos than JPEG. Each camera on our list can record in RAW or JPEG.


One feature that you’ll rarely find on even the very best basic cameras is really a viewfinder, which lets you hold the camera within your eye to frame the scene. All the Canon DSLRs on our list provide a helpful viewfinder.

Articulated LCD

  • If you need to utilize the LCD screen to frame your photos instead of the viewfinder, it’s helpful to get a screen which will twist and swivel far from the camera.
  • It enables the photographer to shoot selfies, therefore you can twist the LCD screen to really make it easier to discover if you’re by using the Canon DSLR attached with a tripod. You are able to twist the LCD so it’s facing upward, meaning you don’t need to crouch or hunch over to discover the screen as the camera is upon the tripod.

Mistakes to Avoid

Assuming Resolution Equals Image Sensor Quality : Using the emphasis all camera manufacturers, including Canon, place on megapixel count, it’s easy to comprehend why photographers could be confused about how megapixels affect image quality. The physical scale the image sensor plays a lot larger role in image quality than the amount of megapixels the sensor can record. Megapixel counts are essential – simply not as important as image sensor size.

Overspending : It’s easy to invest some huge cash when purchasing a DSLR camera kit. Beyond the camera body, you’ll need lenses, flash units, and memory cards. Set a budget for the DSLR camera equipment and stick with it. In case you don’t have enough money for all of the lenses you would like initially, purchase a very good all-around zoom lens and save up for other lenses later. Remember that an inexpensive Canon DSLR can produce really solid image quality, even when it can’t match the performance levels of the Canon DSLR aimed at professionals.

What Else You Should Think About

If you would like some options beyond the very best Canon DSLR cameras, the foremost logical next consideration is a superb Nikon advanced camera. While we’ll probably never settle the hotly debated Canon vs. Nikon DSLR discussion, you could find some great Nikon DSLR cameras in your best DSLR camera list.

Keeping on your mind that DSLR cameras are bulky, particularly with the lens attached, you might want to take into consideration an inferior camera…which may also be cheaper, i would like to add. A best point and shoot camera from Canon, such like the PowerShot G7 X, will yield pretty good image quality while being simpler to carry when compared to a DSLR.

And if you want a camera having a price point more around a $200 camera, the PowerShot ELPH 360 is really a nice basic option from Canon. It certainly can’t match the performance of the Canon DSLR, but it is going to be adequate for simple photographic needs. You are able to discover all the features to understand with these digital camera guide. We even have an extensive group of digital camera reviews that will help you discover the ideal model that’ll slot in your financial budget.

Still, if you’re seeking the very best image quality and performance you are able to afford inside a Canon DSLR camera, our top pick, the Canon EOS Rebel T6i, will provide what you‘ll need. It shoots top quality images and does so with a speed and performance level that could meet the requirements of entry-level and intermediate photographers everywhere.

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