Sticky Sounds Speaker Designed To Mount To Anything (video)

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Sticky Sounds Speaker Designed To Mount To Anything (video)

 Sticky Sounds Speaker

London Lazerson has created a brand new speaker system and that is designed with an integrated GoPro mount, enabling one to attach the speaker to almost anything.

The speaker is likewise water resistant and enclosed inside a rugged outer case which protects the internals from any knocks, bumps or vibrations when mounted within your skateboard, bike or anything you are able to imagine.


Designed with a battery that‘s proficient at providing as much as 8 hours of use from one charge the small palm sized speaker is likewise designed with a handy microSD card slot. Along with connectivity via Bluetooth enabling one to play tunes from your smartphone or mobile device.

London has brought to Kickstarter soon and also has already raised the required funds needed to bring the rugged speaker into production. Watch the video below to find out more, specifications include :

Dimensions: Max Width 140 mm, Max Height 40mm
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.2, Range 50′, Automatic device search
Sound: 4 Ohm Speaker, 80db spl@1M (Groundplane 300hz)
Power: 3.3 Wh battery 900 Mah Battery, Micro USB charging port
Features: Micro SD card slot, On speaker Volume control, Skip/Skipback, Play/Pause
Other: Dual Adaptive Integrated GoPro Mounting System, IPX6 WaterResistant, Floats, Rugged, Shockproof

These speakers are built to withstand anything. The Low profile design and pyramid shape helps it keep its structure under loads of stress. The outer shell is made of the Poly-carbonate ABS blend which enables for any rigid form with some flexibility, helping our speaker to become shatter resistant.

We wanted Sticky Sounds to withstand the sun and rain. Rubber clamped seals allow Sticky Sounds to become IPX6 water resistant. You wont need to worry about rapids while kayaking, sudden downpours, or perhaps dancing too hard inside the shower. Sticky Sounds also offers an emergency float system to stay it on top from the water when accidents happen.

To Make Sticky Sounds as portable and convenient as you can we gave it a 3. 33 Wh battery that gives it 8 hours of play time while still keeping it lightweight and low profile. Sticky Sounds includes a Micro USB charging port upon the bottom side, with lights upon the power button to let you will know once it is fully charged. A Micro USB charging cable is likewise provided with each speaker.

For additional info on the new Sticky Sounds jump over towards the Kickstarter website for details by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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