Professional Raspberry Pi Soundcard DACBerry PRO (video)

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Professional Raspberry Pi Soundcard DACBerry PRO (video)

Raspberry Pi Soundcard

A new professional Raspberry Pi sound card has been created by Oriol Sanchez called the DACBerry PRO which has been designed to provide one of the most advanced sound cards currently available which supports the awesome Raspberry Pi mini PC.

Designed to provide incredible audio quality the DACBerry PRO is equipped with a 32 bit DAC up to 384kHz, XRL differential output connector, RCA single ended Analog output and more.

Professional Raspberry Pi Soundcard DACBerry PRO

DACBerry PRO is currently available to back via Kickstarter with pledges starting from €59 and shipping expected to take place during July 2017.


– TI Burr Brown 32-bit/384kHz DAC (PCM5242)
– Integrated hardware volume control
– Built in 3W Hi-Fi Headphone Amplifier (TPA6120A2)
– 114db SNR, and -94db THD
– 6.35mm Audio Jack
– 4 to 600 Ohm Studio Headphones
– +/-15V Integrated Voltage Regulator
– Isolated Digital and Analog Circuits
– Quad Low-Noise Integrated Power Supplies
– Raspberry Pi powered, no external power requirements
– Industry standard audio quality Phono/RCA connectors
– Built-in header to deliver Balanced output to XLR or similar
– Built-in mini DSP Fully built and tested Raspberry Pi accessory
– Designed and assembled in Barcelona, Spain.

After about 1 year of development, the third one to born on the family is the DACBerry PRO. A High-End I2S Sound Card specially designed to fit on practically all of the Raspberry Pi models and other compatible boards. Up to 384kHz playrate and Balanced Analog Output, supported by using the XLR expansion board for DACBerry PRO.

With a built-in 3W Hi-Fi Stereao Hedphone Amplifier, you will be able to use from 4 Ohm to 600 Ohm Professional Studio Headphones. Two RCA and one 6.35mm jack are fitted to the board. DACBerry PRO is one of the most advanced Raspberry Pi Soundcards in the market, with four independent Ultra Low-Noise Power Supplies to bring you the best Audio Experience ever. No external power needed!

Jump over to the official Kickstarter campaign page for a full list of pledges currently available

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