Limouzik E-Polyphonic Live Instrument (video)

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Limouzik E-Polyphonic Live Instrument (video)

Limouzik E-Polyphonic Live Instrument

Musicians searching for you instrument may be interested in the Limouzik which transforms your devices into a polyphonic Live instrument. Enabling you to play your favourite songs without music theory or high knowledge.

The Limouzik E-Polyphonic Live Instrument was this week launched via Kickstarter and is now available for €3. The developers of Limouzik explain more.

Limouzik is thought and designed with a simple purpose : to allow you all becoming great musicians. Indeed, learning how to play the guitar or another musical isn’t simply to achieve and some of you may experience discouragement, fear because of the complexity. Among the music lovers, a few don’t want to start learning something that could hurt their feelings (frustration, disgust,…). We are here to solve this problems making the music accessible for each of you without simplifying it too much. Limouzik’s app allows you to not use the music theory because we replace this by simple signs and codes.

We want to create a community gathered by a new polyphonic instrument in the logical music’s continuity with customs and habits evolution. Arousing emotions, creating a vocation, making people smile. Limouzik, as a musical instrument, is able to bring your emotions to light (fear, stress, joy, precision, overcoming yourselves,…). It might be you at the beach this summer around a campfire, one of your children or grandchildren to discover, or an older kin who wants to maintain his cognitive abilities,etc… It’s you and Limouzik. The player’s feeling and the instrument.

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