HTC Vive N Chill VR Cooling System Launches Via Indiegogo (video)

HTC Vive N Chill VR Cooling System Launches Via Indiegogo (video)

Vive N Chill

If you find yourself getting hot and sweaty whilst enjoying a little VR immersion using your HTC Vive headset, you may be interested in a new cooling solution which has been specifically designed for the Vive headset and takes the form of the Vive N Chill.

The Vive N Chill virtual reality headset cooling system is now available to back priced at $20 for early bird backers, offering a saving of 38% when compared to the recommended retail price.

Check out the demonstration video below to learn how easily the Vive N Chill can be attached to your HTC Vive headset to help you stay cooler while engaged in VR gaming and experiences.

The Vive’s amazing room scale ability allows players to be physically engaged and immersed in endless alternate realities for hours at a time. However, wearing a bulky headset while being physically active is the perfect recipe for an uncomfortable and sweaty situation.   The ViveNchill is a heat fighter! It’s effective, quiet, and discrete.  It’s the perfect companion for your headset, keeping you cooler and more comfortable with the press of a button.

We iterated over many design choices when creating the ViveNchill.  Our initial prototypes focused on piping air into the headset.  Users complained about dry eyes, high noise levels, vibration, interference with the built in mic, and low cooling effect.  So we took things outside and directed airflow at the forehead and contact area with the facial foam.  We found a drastic improvement in its ability to cool you off with no negative side effects.  As an added benefit, reducing heat and moisture also reduced fogging and nausea.

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