pi-topPULSE Adds Alexa Support To Raspberry Pi Mini PC

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pi-topPULSE Adds Alexa Support To Raspberry Pi Mini PC


Raspberry Pi enthusiasts may be interested in a new piece of Pi hardware that has been created called the pi-topPULSE which easily adds a number of features to your RaspberryPi project including a speaker, microphone, and a 7×7 RGB LED matrix.

The small piece of hardware measures just 60 mm x 67 mm and connects to the Raspberry Pi GPIO header and supports a wide variety of different versions of Pi hardware. The pi-topPULSE is now available to purchase online priced at $49 directly from online retailers such as RS Components.

The Pi-topPULSE is a new Raspberry Pi accessory that is compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board. It is also an accessory for the pi-top ecosystem and is designed for use as an add-on board with the pi-top laptops and the pi-topCEED desktops, as well as operating as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi.

Technical Specifications:
– Built-in 2W speaker I2S Amplifier
– 7×7 (49) RGBW LED matrix array, Underside ambient
– Built-in microphone 200Hz to 11KHz response, Automatic Gain Control (ACG)

– Programmable using Python.
– Amazon Alexa compatible
– Raspberry Pi 3 compatible

Source: Liliputing : RS Components

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