Orwl Secure PC Designed For Sensitive Data

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Orwl Secure PC Designed For Sensitive Data

Orwl Secure PC Designed For Sensitive Data

If you are searching for the ultimate mini PC to keep your sensitive data secure the new ORWL mini PC may be worth more investigation and has been specifically designed to protect your documents.

Watch the video below to learn more about the ORWL mini PC which is equipped with unrivalled security featurest. Prices start from $1,700 for the base system which will be available from July 15th, 2017 onwards.

Currently there are four systems in the range with the flagship ORWL Military and Government class system available from $4299, with shipping expected to take place a little later on August 15th 2017.

• Open source SW
• Open source HW*
• Tamper evident
• Self disabling
• Self locking
• Physical protection (Mesh/pressure switch)
• Side channel protection
• Temperature monitoring
• Protected RAM key
• Time rotating key
• RSA 4096
• Secure boot
• Secure display
• Secure FW upgrade
• Unique user key paired
• Motion/Shocks detection

Other features and benefits include :

– Small & Secure – While ORWL’s fits in the palm of your hand – any attempt to break into it will prevent the device from booting up and shuts it down immediately, like a vault. No other security offering delivers this level of protection.

– Hardware Vs. Software Security – ORWL brings security protocols and state-of-the-art authentication technologies to the personal computer, for the first time. In addition, ORWL adds two-factor, a physical key and a password just to power it on.

– A Unique Key – Each keyfob is unique to each computer with a unique code inside ORWL. On top of that, if your key gets more than 10 meters away from ORWL, your PC will go into lock mode. The processor is put to sleep, and the USB ports are cut off and HDMI port are turned off… No one but you can access the data.

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