Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Card – Audio Injector Zero

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Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Card – Audio Injector Zero

Raspberry Pi Zero Sound Card

Raspberry pi enthusiasts attempting to find a Raspberry Pi Zero sound card can be worth giving the new Audio Injector Zero a bit more investigation and backing its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The Audio Injector Zero is specifically designed to the Raspberry Pi mini PC and offers full functionality with inputs, outputs and an electret microphone port along with being small sufficient to fit a Raspberry Pi Zero board.



Specifications of the Audio Injector Zero sound card include:

– Inputs : 2 unpopulated RCA connectors
– Outputs : 2 unpopulated RCA connectors
– Headphone : Powered headphone connector (plenty loud). Populated
– Microphone : Electret ready, just populate.
– Sample rate : 96 kHz, 32 bit
– Jitter control : Crystal locked, codec master, low jitter (Crystal on the card).
– Hardware: Works with the Raspberry Pi2, Pi3 and Zero

We‘re bringing you the zero version in our wildly popular Audio Injector Raspberry Pi sound card. The sound card and that is input capable, output capable and it is ready for the to solder with an electret microphone – as easy as that. What would you like as audio connectors? We understand which you don’t like them populated, however we aren’t sure if you would like RCA footprints or an easy header? Drop comments for this campaign to indicate your preference or just simply simply discuss. We actually need to supply a thing that is straightforward that you can interface along with your own projects.

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