NOMATIC Backpack/Travel Pack Raises Over $400,000 (video)

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NOMATIC Backpack/Travel Pack Raises Over $400,000 (video)

NOMATIC Backpack

A new backpack, travel bag and gadget bag has been launched by Kickstarter this week and has already raised over $400,000 thanks to over 2,000 backers with still just under 60 days left on its campaign.

The NOMATIC backpack and travel pack designed by Jon Richards and Jacob Durham is priced at $169 for early bird backers, with shipping expected to take place during December 2017. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about its unique features and design

NOMATIC was born and raised on Kickstarter. In 2014 we launched the BASICS Wallet, in 2015 the BASICS Notebook and in 2016 The NOMATIC Travel Bag. Thanks to our incredible backers and supporters, over 200,000 people worldwide are now enjoying our products every day.

The NOMATIC Travel bag became the most funded travel bag in Kickstarter history. We’ve partnered with the same manufacturer and now with one successful bag under our belt, you can expect to see the same quality or better on these backpacks.  Here is what our customers are saying about our travel bag.

The NOMATIC Backpack and Travel Pack look similar to one another and share some incredible features. However, the back half of these bags were each designed specifically for its purpose, making the Backpack perfect for everyday use and the Travel Pack perfect for 1-3 day trips. First let’s go over what makes them different from each other, then we will discuss the shared features.

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