Spyslide Stylish Web Camera Cover Passes €80,000 In Funding

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Spyslide Stylish Web Camera Cover Passes €80,000 In Funding (video)

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Anyone concerned of their privacy with regards web cameras being maliciously controlled. Sure to become interested during this fantastic new web camera cover known as Spyslide and that is machined from aluminium and provides an infinitely more stylish solution to covering your web camera with tape.

Spyslide is a little aluminium which easily affixes to either laptops or desktop iMac computers and provides a simple way to ensure your camera is covered when not active. An easy swipe will then reveal the camera allowing you in order to make conference calls, video chats or videos utilizing your integrated web camera.


The innovative solution for an everyday problem is now available via Kickstarter with pledges offered by just €9. Follow the link below for more information and also a full collection of all pledges available.

Specifications include :

• World’s thinnest webcam cover (0.6mm/0.023 inch) 
• Installed in 5 seconds
• Cover your webcam at your convenience
• Beautifully layered in a Matte Black or Metallic Silver coating
• Made from platinum durable stainless steel

Source: Kickstarter



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