Open Source Stepper Motor Driver Board

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Open Source Stepper Motor Driver Board (video)

Open Source Stepper Motor Driver Board

Kevin Teresa based in Switzerland has created a brand new open source stepper motor driver board with 6A / phase and 48V capabilities enabling it to drive a wide selection of stepper motors from NEMA 17 to NEMA 42.

More the open source stepper driver board could be learned from watching the video below which demonstrates its capabilities and provides a very good overview of what you could expect coming from the hardware.

Features from the Open source stepper motor driver board include :

– Isolated inputs
– PWM micro-stepping Motor Driver:
–External MOSFETs guarantee high efficiency and high thermal dissipation.
–Automatic Mixed Decay (automatic current control) assure smooth movements and low vibrations.
– Stall detection
– Working voltage from 10V to max. 48V
– Built-in logic power supply
– Wide range of selectable currents
– Control motor up to 6A / phase
– Protections and diagnostic:
–Over-current protection (OCP)
–Over-temperature shut-sown (OTS)
–Under-voltage lock-out
–FAULT LED indicator for issues
–STATUS LED indicator for a precise issue description

We want provide a open source stepper motor driver board rich in current capabilities and a really smooth controller provided from the Texas Instruments‘s motor driver IC. Simply by affect the MOSFET transistor, or by add a cooler, the board can easily handle more current. This board requires be easily and fast installed without difficult parameters.

Jump over to Kickstarter to become perhaps one of the very 1st to benefit from the open stepper driver board and that is now open to back with pledges starting from $50 and worldwide shipping expected to bring place during August 2017.

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