SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Because a lot of bits of the actual brand fresh Arctis series associated with gaming headsets tend to be released through SteelSeries’ steady, we’re checking out which the corporate that designed to merely be designed for gamers may even have an attempt in impressing the actual audiophile established as well. However What‘s this precisely which models these types of wireless gaming headphones aside from the actual many other people upabout shelves nowadays?

Continue reading inside my SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headset evaluation to see !


Price: $149.99 on Amazon
Available: October 2016
Model: Arctis 7

Summary: The actual SteelSeries Arctis 7 really certainly can be a nice-sounding set of two wireless headphones, which additionally occur to get a entire clutter associated with gaming attributes tacked upabout with a fairly inexpensive worth.

What We Liked

  • Good sound for a wireless headset
  • Full-featured gaming options and chat controls
  • ClearCast mic was clear and easy to understand

What We Didn’t

  • Battery life less than advertised
  • Red mic light was annoying

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Headphone Specs

Frequency Range 20Hz-22kHz
Driver Size 40mm
Wireless green-check-mark
7.1 Surround Sound green-check-mark
Noise-Canceling Mic green-check-mark
Weight 9.9 ounces
Mic Retractable
Price $149.00
Buy Now


Apart from the metal alloy headband as well as a couple of a lot of ports upon the aspect from the headset, you’re not really heading to locate many differences in among the planning from the wireless Arctis 7 and it is wired brother the actual Arctis 5, that all of us reviewed final month. The actual cups tend to be identical withinside style towards the Arctis 5, aside through the shortage associated with RGB lighting – thus if you prefer a set of two cans you should use in order to be able for you to help light-weight your subsequent LAN party, y0u could be much better heading using the 5 rather.

In case you’ll keep in mind inside my overview of which prime gaming headset, We described the actual myriad issues We experienced along with acquiring the adjustment from the skiing goggle strap to suit in a manner that wasn’t thus tight it harm, but additionally not really thus loose the headphones lost bass whenever I‘d been speaking, consuming, or even relocated my personal mind straight away.

The actual Arctis 7 will a number of things totally different compared to the 5 during this regard :

  • The very first is that the method the actual secondary metal alloy headband is actually shaped, in additional of the sq . compared to the higher arches from the plastic material headband upon the 5. This provides the actual headphones a lot of lateral stress, and also a much better grip purpose so that they truly press towards your own mind along with sufficient pressure to stay on their own tight, although not uncomfortably thus both.
  • The next is that the weight from the battery, which may be irritating in certain headsets however We truly assume functions towards the profit from the Arctis. Balancing the right weight upabout wireless headsets isn‘t any straightforward job, however SteelSeries offers nearly nailed this upon the Arctis 7.
  • Final is that the “full-wrap” headset strap, opposed towards the half-wrap which comes upon the Arctis 3 as well as 5. Using the strap looped about each elements from the headset the actual tension purpose is straightforward to line within your liking, creating for any almost good fit each time.
  • General the actual upgrades build for any far better fit, as well as longer-lasting comfort and ease throughout. We discovered I can simply wear the actual headset with regard to 8 or even more several hrs at any given time, solely requiring brief breaks withinside in among to provide my personal matted hair a fast tussle as well as talk upon the telephone.


SteelSeries Arctis 7

The hardware specs of the Arctis 7, especially the 40mm drivers, are up there with headphones twice the cost

Simply such as the Arctis 5, the actual Arctis 7 comes by having an in-line retractable microphone, onboard volume rockers, the choice to link via both USB or perhaps a 3. 5mm jack, as well as operates Dolby 7. 1 Surround Seem (Windows-only ) withinside games which assistance this. Unlike which design, but, the actual Arctis 7 also can go totally wireless during the two. 4GHz wireless spectrum, in case you thus select.

The level of the actual headphones could be managed both with the volume rocker upon the still remaining ear cup, or even through switching in among voice or music by using the rocker upabout the ideal earcup. Additional features associated with be aware embrace the actual exhausting mic mute button tucked aside at the rear of the actual still remaining earcup, along with the micro-USB port designed to charge the actual headset’s battery, that statements the 15-hour lifestyle throughout normal utilization.


The actual Arctis 7 utilizes the actual 40mm neodymium SteelSeries S1 drivers in order to be able for you to help energy the seem, a similar the corporate statements can be found on the prime from the collection $300 Sibera 800 headphones. In order to be able for you to help check the actual overall efficiency from the SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset, all of us burned the actual drivers withinside during a period of 30 several hrs utilizing numerous kinds of music played via each FLAC as well as 320kbps reoptions, along with a large number of diverse games as well as movies.

Though tinny as well as just a little as well crisp with regard to my personal tastes whenever We very initial place all of these via their own paces, following the drivers experienced just a little time for them to settle inside the soundstage from the Arctis 7 very started in order to be able for you to help speak freely. The entire concept from the Arctis collection with regard to SteelSeries usually is to shake in the notion which gaming headsets can’t possess great seem while not costing a good arm and also a leg, as well as I’d state with regard to the foremost component they’ve accomplished which right listed below. Bass response upon the Arctis 7 had been the only real area exactly in which it was eventually missing, and will undoubtedly possess used a lot of tuning in order to be able for you to help lock this withinside. This really is additionally the typical thread amongst the majority of wireless headsets even if, because a higher bass response burns battery a lot of rapidly, thus designers would like to get yourself a center floor in among the 2 as well as We nevertheless assume the actual Arctis walks which collection nicely sufficient.

I’m a good particularly massive fan associated with the options to reach along with two. 4GHz transmission more than Bluetooth, which suggests the actual headphones retain 99% from the seem high top good excellent you’d obtain in case you went using the wired method, as well as a great deal a lot of if you had been stuck upon the Bluetooth aptX normal. We couldn’t inform a lot of the distinction withinside high top good excellent whenever listening during the 3. 5mm jack as well as USB, however upabout the entire I believe the actual Arctis collection life as much as what it’s making an attempt to carry out withinside creating strong seem less expensive to the average gamer.

The actual vary from the Arctis 7 is actually rated as much as 40ft associated with length, as well as I‘d been simply able to steer upward as well as downstairs prior to losing signal with no issue. The actual ClearCast mic carried out much better compared to final time, maybe because of a few tweaking We do inside the SteelSeries software program when the very fact in order to be able for you to help eliminate distortion and obtain the actual clearest overall efficiency potential.

Final had been battery lifestyle screening, that lasted just a little lower than what SteelSeries quotes, although not through a lot. Inside the 30 several hrs all of us tested the actual headset we‘d in order to be able for you to help recharge this a bit more compared to doubly, that averaged over to concerning 12 several hrs associated with utilization for each charge (that by alone required concerning 2 several hrs through dead in order to be able for you to help complete ).


SteelSeries Arctis 7

The SteelSeries Engine3 is pretty basic, but still functional enough for what you need

We’ve currently created in regards to the SteelSeries 3 Engine by 50 percent earlier reviews, as well as the majority of every thing all of us each liked as well as disliked about this continues to be unchanged (aside through the shortage associated with RGB lighting configuration, that the actual Arctis 7 doesn’t possess ).

Right listed below is actually where one can twiddle using the equalizer as well as voice settings. Every thing had been fairly normal fare as much as We‘re involved, however however it’s a challenge to innovate upon the software program associated with gaming headsets once the fundamental functionality from the hardware offers stayed a similar with regard to numerous many a long time upward till this particular purpose.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Evaluation : Wrap-Up

In case you’re the budding audiophile but additionally a good avid gamer (or even vice versa ), the actual SteelSeries Arctis 7 is really a worthy expense thinking about all of the bonuses you will get to the $149. 99 pricetag.

The actual Arctis 7 can make upward totally to the sins of their less expensive brother the actual Arctis 5 having a headband which truly suits the way in which you would like this in order to be able for you to help, as well as doesn’t consider a person lower during the day. The actual rated 15-hour battery lifestyle could have solely very already recently been recently closer in order to be able for you to help 12 and also the red-coloreddish “mic off” light-weight remains simply because irritating because at any time inside a dark area, however apart from that in case you’re attempting to find the inexpensive, above-the-grade sounding set of two cans along with moderate bass response as well as crisp highs, probably the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is that the selection for you personally.

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