New GoPro Line Includes Extra-Cheap Wi-Fi Sports Cam

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New GoPro Line Includes Extra-Cheap Wi-Fi Sports Cam

While GoPro still has the market cornered when it comes to sports cams, the weak spot of the brand has long been the price: You have to shell out several hundred dollars for even the basic sports cam models. As GoPro has grown more secure in its position, the company has been working on this problem…which brings us to the HERO+ and its happily low pricing options.

The HERO+ model can be bought for $200 and, while not elite, provides basic functionality and fills a nice niche for consumers who don’t want to pay the higher prices. It’s waterproof, easily mountable, and works with the whole GoPro suite of accessories. Its 1080p video and 8 megapixel photo abilities are good, and it comes with time lapse, burst shot, and other various tools.

GoPro Hero Plus

But then GoPro added Wi-Fi, which makes things interesting. This model of the HERO+ is enabled with both Bluetooth and wireless streaming capabilities. You can quickly connect to the app and immediately share video clips on social media – which, face it, is one of the primary reasons people buy a sports cam in the first place.

Before this point, to access the Wi-Fi and app-happy features of GoPro, you had to shell out a few more hundred dollars for one of the higher end models. But with this new generation of products GoPro is expanding the features so that low-end models are suddenly much more attractive to new buyers.

Of course, if you want touchscreen displays, extra high resolution for digital media work, or other bells and wells, you’ll still need to pay up to $500 for them. But for the average user, Wi-Fi features are now available for the HERO+ and it makes a great fit for newbies or amateurs. It also puts the other electronics companies trying to sell their own sports cam into a bit of a pickle: Most were betting on lower prices to reel in the new consumers. Now GoPro has answered.

The HERO+ will be available in October, with the whole new GoPro line generally aimed at holiday shoppers.

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