Clearwalker 8 Legged Arduino Robot Created (video)

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Clearwalker 8 Legged Arduino Robot Created (video)

Clearwalker Arduino 8 Legged Robot Created

Clearwalker is a new Arduino robot which is powered by an Arduino Mega microcontroller and is equipped with two motors controlled by individual H-bridge relay modules to traverse forwards, backwards, and slowly rotate to one side or another via a hesitating leg motion.

Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about the Clearwalker Arduino robot and its construction. LEDS have also been integrated into the design by designer Jeremy Cook.

The ClearWalker Strandbeest-style walking machine finished, putting together the electronics, and strutting around on the Beach! In this project, I’ll be outlining how I am able to control my ClearWalker strandbeest-style contraption via Bluetooth. The device uses two motors to control 8 legs and is steered in a similar manner to a tank, or a robot that steers with two wheels that go different speeds. These basic instructions should work for many types of vehicles.

For more information on the new Clearwalker jump over to the Instructables website for details by following the link below.

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