Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker From $200

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Bose SoundLink Revolve Speaker From $200

Bose SoundLink Revolve

Speaker and audio manufacturer Bose have created a new portable Bluetooth speaker called the SoundLink Revolve which is now available to purchase price from $200 and is equipped with a speaker system that can offer true 360 degree sound for consistent, uniform coverage says Bose.

The portable Bluetooth speaker is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is capable of providing up to 12 hours of continuous play from a single charge without compromising the deep powerful base Bose has installed.

Bose explains more :

You’re not afraid of a little water. Your speaker shouldn’t be either. SoundLink Revolve’s water-resistant design means you can use it more places without worrying, like at the pool or by the kitchen sink. You’re not perfect. And with this speaker, you don’t need to be. No worries if you knock it over, toss it in your bag or set it down a little harder than you meant to. Soft materials let you bump worry-free.

No detail is too small. Not even a single seam. Notice our grille doesn’t have one. That’s because we created a new single-extrusion process to eliminate it—leaving nothing but beauty. When it’s time to move, you don’t want to fumble about. That’s why we made this speaker grabbable, touchable and easy to operate—right down to the soft, smooth buttons that ensure every interaction feels natural.

More information about the new Bose SoundLink Revolve which is now available to purchase from $200 directly from the official Bose website follow the link below

Source: BOSE : Uncrate

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