Untappd Is Looking To Become The Whole Drinking Experience

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Untappd Is Looking To Become The Whole Drinking Experience

In case you consume craft beer in a quantity, you’re probably acquainted with Untappd, the social network built around drinking beer. Untappd is helpful for tracking the craft beers you’ve quaffed and sharing badges along with your friends, to not mention annoying your pals who aren’t on Untappd using the badges you earn. However the app is improving in additional ways than simply finally providing you with better photo filters ; it’s learning to be a drinker’s best friend.

Untappd Potential

To begin with, Untappd is overhauling its notorious spotty search feature. Until now, the app has only had text search. Admittedly, it’s pretty good text search ; I’ve punched in obscure beers and gotten the ideal result nearly every time. But you can now utilize the camera function, for this point largely to earn badges, to scan barcodes and obtain the precise beer you’re drinking. True, this won’t help the draft beer drinker much, but It‘ll quicken the entire process of searching for the brews you’re drinking if you’re drinking from a can or bottle.

Another function is very literally a life-saver ; you are able to hail an Uber from within the app. That’s smart placement not least because it’s more inclined people who’ve had one beer a lot of will certainly be inside Untappd than calling for any ride, alas. Now people have even less in an excuse to drive drunk, and can get home a minimum of somewhat safer.

Draft App


Untappd badges

Badges you are able to win in Untappd

Untappd remains a cult app in certain ways, largely limited to beer drinkers speaking with one another about beer and tiny else. And there will be still changes it might make, especially inside the way photos are taken, which could possibly be smoother. However the app is evolving, substantially, and that’s a very good thing to discover because it gets to be more useful

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