Samsung Says That Iris Scanner Hack In Unrealistic

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Samsung Says That Iris Scanner Hack In Unrealistic

Samsung Galaxy S8

Another day we saw a video from the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and it is Iris scanner being fooled using a photograph of someones eye.

The initial hack was shown off from the Chaos Computer Club and in fact now Samsung has responded and also has said that it must be unrealistic for that to become done to hack into someones phone.

“You require a camera which will capture infrared light (used inside the video ), which is not available out there. Also, you have to take a photograph from the owner’s iris and steal his smartphone. It‘s difficult for the entire scenario to happen in reality, ” said the Samsung spokesperson.

Whilst it may be hard for somebody to do that it wouldn‘t be impossible, so there‘s a still a little risk of the happening to someones Galaxy S8.

Source The Investor, Sammobile

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