Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub Launches Via Kickstarter (video)

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Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub Launches Via Kickstarter (video)


A new accessory has been created for the Nintendo Switch games console called the Switch-Con, by a team based in Palo Alto California and takes the form of a pocket -sized Nintendo Switch dock and USB-C Digital AV Multiport.

The Switch-Con supports the Samsung S8/S8+ and the New MacBook and can be seen demonstrated in the video below. Switch-Con Has this week launched by Kickstarter to raise the $5,000 required to go into production.

Nintendo Switch HDMI Hub

Specifications of Switch-Con include:

• 2 USB-C
• 2 USB-A 3.1
• 1 USB-C PD Power (up to 100w)
• 1 HDMI Video Output (up to 4k@30Hz)

The development team behind Switch-Con explain a little more about its inspiration and design:

Switch con replaces your Nintendo switch dock with far more portability and ease of use. Not to mention no more issues with overheating. Switch-Con also supports Samsung S8/S8+, you can enjoy all your contents on the bigger screen. It gives you many needed ports to the new MacBook/MacBook Pro and ChromeBook. The HDMI can be a life saver for video presentations and withe the USB-C hub you can connect far more devices.

We have already started our pilot production run. Here you can see how low quantities production runs are painted. We have partnered with a Chinese factory specialized in makings high end USB type C connectors. Switch-Con team is a group of engineers that love the Nintendo Switch and developing new technology. It is our gole to make the best products we can to make the wold just a little bit better and trouble free.

For more information on the new Switch-Con dock jump over to the Kickstarter website via the link below for details and to make a pledge from $59 for early bird backers, with shipping expected to take place during August 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

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